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bigmainstreetWe have always believed that learning should be captivating, enjoyable and based on real life challenges. But, as we all know, it often happens that the knowledge people gain during their academic studies does not entirely prepare them for the job requirements that employers have.

Through decades of both practical business experience and reality-based learning, we have been able to develop courses that teach relevant, practical skills.

Our approach enables us to bridge the gap between academic theory and the practical skills required in the workplace.

We have successfully achieved this by constantly improving and developing our learning model over the past 12 years resulting in a system that simultaneously integrates practical knowledge with reality-based case studies and simulations.

is part of an international consortium specialized in business education with headquarters based in an important business district within Europe. All the courses are certified by London School of Business and Communication.

London School of Business and Communication
is handling the educational activities, the quality assessment and the certificates issuing for all our BigMainStreet students.


BigMainStreet was born from the vision that there was a clear demand for practical education in order to bridge the gap between academic qualifications and the skills required to complete real jobs in real life situations. With this in mind our courses have been developed by working closely with professionals in Management, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Communication, Psychology, Finance and Public Relations.

Our aim at BigMainStreet has been to condense decades of business theory, practical experience and insider secrets into easily manageable and digestible courses

Technical business jargon and complex theories have been simplified and explained in easy to understand, simplistic steps. Thus, making knowledge once only available to the business elite readily available to anyone that wants to increase their knowledge and job performance.

Our approach, and the way in which we set ourselves apart from the majority of MOOC's and other online course providers is that we don’t give you a course and leave you on your own with the so called “lifetime access” that many online course providers offer today ... meaning you can attend and complete it someday in this "lifetime".

We know that you are looking for results as fast as possible. Our online courses take up to 3 months and in a short time you can learn the things that you always thought hard and difficult to understand.

These days our attention spans are at an all time low, with constant distractions from digital devices, social media and mobile access that has reshaped our world.

Therefore, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide textual based material, or videos of a tutor reciting textbook theory that eventually you will forget until the end of the day.

All of our online courses are based on practical knowledge, explained with real life scenarios that you are able to understand and directly apply to your daily tasks.

We ensure you that our courses are concise and very well structured in order to maximize the benefits of every moment you dedicate to your studies. Our schedules are efficient yet relaxed to enable you to complete your course in the shortest possible time frame without interfering with your everyday activities.

Our Students
To date we have over 60.000 students in Europe including managers, executives and professionals, all from different industries, each one looking to advance in their chosen career or business, from first-time jobseekers to business owners who want to expand their business.

Your Benefits

- High quality courses delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.

- Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from the industry leading experts that you can put into practice immediately.

- Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.

- Real life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.

- Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.

- Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish and you can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

- Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.

- Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your courses.

- Certification - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.

- Accessible learning – for many of our courses you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.

- User friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.

- Great value for money - premium courses at the most affordable prices.

Courses for Companies

We have extensive experience in dealing with a multitude of companies across different sectors, industries, and even continents. 

Our approach focuses on working extremely closely with our clients, understanding their individual business objectives and subsequently identifying their training needs.  

Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the skills and training that are required to bridge the gap between an employee's academic qualifications and training and the skills that are required to effectively perform within the workplace, successfully enabling them to perform and meet your requirements and their business objectives. 

The business model that we adopt means that all our courses are fully accessible online, enabling complete flexibility of training times, allowing your employee's training to seamlessly integrate with their working hours and daily duties.