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As you’ve already known, management is more than time management, working with people and negotiating.

Skillful managers are also able to deal with difficult issues, difficult people, crises and major changes, ensuring the stability, the growth or the survival of the companies they run.

This Business Management Course is the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced professionals from all the levels of management that shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider secrets

The experience of the managers with whom we’ve worked on creating this online course proved that we could do all of these with less effort and less stress. 

They revealed a well-set system easily to apply with immediate results that we included in this course. This Business Management Course contains clear and concise content, relevant examples and captivating real-life case studies.

You will find solutions and many useful tips on how you can accomplish more in a shorter time. Take a look at the “You will know how to” section and at the Course Summary and see the valuable knowledge that you can achieve.

Do you know what differentiates the managers from the great mass of ordinary employees?
It’s their ability to take action. Enroll now and take the first step to get where you’ve always wanted!

You will know how to:

  • Avoid the most common management mistake that managers make
  • Easily organize your time applying the 9 golden rules of time management
  • Make a correct planning in order to reach your goals without obstacles or delays
  • Use the Delphi technique when you have to make complex management decisions
  • Make decisions under risk conditions using the decision trees
  • Become an excellent supervisor developing 7 essential management skills
  • Take the most inspired decisions in any situation without postponing anymore
  • Overcome the factors that decrease the employees’ motivation
  • Make your people work as a team and provide feedback in order to get only positive results
  • Use the step by step mediation for a conflict resolution that lasts
  • Ask the big question that helps you solve and manage any conflict
  • Use the most effective 6 negotiation techniques in order to get the most out of a negotiation
  • Successfully implement the change management step by step
  • Write a convincing business plan in 6 easy steps
  • Expand your business using the 3 best management strategies for growing
    …and so much more


Who is this Business Management Course for?

This business management course is for everyone who wants to become a manager, the first-line managers, middle managers, top managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and all of those who need to organize their time better, to easily set achievable goals and make decisions, effectively work with people, negotiate and deal with conflicts.

No prior knowledge or management skills are necessary.

Career Path - The Management Masterclass allows you to fulfill various roles:

  • General Manager, Team Leader
  • Operations Manager, Office Manager
  • Project Manager, Executive Manager
  • Office Supervisor, Store Manager


Module 1 - The Secrets of Management, Now Disclosed

1.1 What is management and what does a manager do in a company?

1.2 What are the qualities and skills of a successful manager

1.3 How to avoid the most common mistake that managers make

1.4 Discover what kind of manager you are or can be. Types of managers

1.5 What do you need for becoming one of the 5 types of effective managers

1.6 What are the 5 activities that the amazingly effective managers do

1.7 How managers think. The managers’ 3 mindsets

1.8 The 3 levels of management. Where are you now and where can you get?

1.9 Why are the first-line managers so important for the company

1.10 Who are the top managers and what do they do?

1.11 What makes you just a manager and what turns you into a true leader

Module 2 - The Key Activities a Manager Does: Organize, Plans, Sets Goals and Time Management

2.1 How to be the most efficient when you organize the activity and what to avoid

2.2 The 9 golden rules of time management that makes you an amazingly effective manager

2.3 How to set your goals to get a million dollars profit this year

2.4 MBO Method - How to set goals that can be always successfully achieved

2.5 How to make lists of goals easier to achieve

2.6 How to make a correct planning to reach your goals Without Obstacles or Delays

Module 3 - How to Work with People. Supervision and 360 Degree Feedback

3.1 What is your role as a manager when you supervise your team

3.2 The 7 golden steps to become the best supervisor ever

3.3 What are your responsibilities as a supervisor

3.4 How to increase the productivity of your team using the feedback

3.5 How to provide feedback to get only positive results

3.6 How you can help your subordinates to progress using the 360 degree feedback

Module 4 - How Successful Managers Make Decisions

4.1 When and in what situations we make decisions as managers

4.2 The 4 important pillars of making decisions

4.3 What are the stages of making the best decision

4.4 How to make the best decision under risk and uncertainty conditions

4.5 The 5 golden rules of successful managers when making decisions

4.6 The Delphi Technique - How to use experts to make the best decision

4.7 How not to postpone making decisions anymore

4.8 The step-by-step golden method of easily making decisions

4.9 How we can make decisions under risk conditions using the decision trees

4.10 Chris Lucan’s method for making decisions based on benefits and risks

Module 5 - Guaranteed Methods for Motivating the Employees

5.1 What is our role as managers in motivating the employees

5.2 23 concrete and guaranteed methods to meet the 5 motivations that people have

5.3 7 non-financial ways to increase employees’ motivation and involvement

5.4 When you should pay rewards to get maximum involvement

5.5 What decreases the employees’ motivation in real life

5.6 Top 10 priorities of employees to efficiently motivate them

5.7 20 efficient and easily applicable methods that help you increase employee involvement

Module 6 - Teamwork Management and Communication

6.1 The best results are achieved by working as a team. Are you leading a group or a team?

6.2 The 5 essential ingredients of a successful team

6.3 What are the reasons why a team fails and how to avoid it

6.4 The 2 magic rules to help you choose your best team

6.5 In which situations can you bring new members in your team?

6.6 Why recommendations and interviews won’t work in real life and managers need to know that

6.7 How we introduce a new member into the team and why this is so important for the company

6.8 What are the major phases of a team and when we can get the best results

6.9 How to choose the most suitable persons and what role should you give them within a team

6.10 The major corporations’ method to have the most effective team meetings

6.11 How to find solutions and brilliant ideas together with your team

Module 7 - How to Discover and Solve Conflicts Easier

7.1 How to discover hidden conflicts and which are the invisible signs of a conflict

7.2 What are the 5 main reasons why people in a company get into conflicts

7.3 How to easily understand the 6 major types of conflicts

7.4 What are the styles of approaching conflicts and in what situations they work best

7.5 How it gets to the conflicts between managers and employees and how to easily solve them

7.6 The Big Question that helps you solve any conflict

7.7 3 Quick Ways to solve conflicts in efficient companies

7.8 How to use step by step mediation when we solve conflicts

7.9 The 3 essential conditions to make sure that a conflict is really solved

Module 8 - Negotiation and What a Good Manager Needs to Know About It

8.1 When and in what situations we negotiate as managers

8.2 The 6 essential rules of a successful negotiation

8.3 What is your negotiation style and when it is appropriate to use it

8.4 The key stages of negotiation. How to be always prepared

8.5 How to earn the trust and respect of our negotiation partners

8.6 The essential key qualities of a negotiator

8.7 The most effective negotiation techniques that I have successfully used in practice

Module 9 - Change Management: How to Make the Change Be Easier

9.1 What change means and what you need to know to apply change management

9.2 The 3 ingredients or signs that show you that a change is needed

9.3 The model of change. What you need to bring forth the change in the company

9.4 How to communicate to your people the stages of change. The main causes of change resistance

9.5 How to remove the resistance that your employees have towards change

9.6 If you can’t change the people, change the people! Or yourself!

9.7 How we can turn the change within the company we lead into a big success

Module 10 - The Organizational Culture that Guides People

10.1 What it means and how we can understand the Organizational Culture

10.2 The Organizational Culture: the academy, the club, the fortress and the baseball team culture

10.3 Modern Organizational Cultures: work hard, play hard, process, tough guy

10.4 What is the meaning of events, symbols, slogans and heroes in your organizational culture

10.5 Practical examples of values in organizational culture

10.6 How to formulate the company’s mission using the 3 essential questions about mission

10.7 How we orientate the company’s mission according to managers, employees or client

10.8 Concrete examples of mission statements out of companies’ real-life

Module 11 - The Business Plan

11.1 Who writes the business plan

11.2 How the Business Plan can help you as a manager

11.3 What are the essential parts of a successful business plan

11.4 How to convince with your business plan

11.5 How to create your Best Business Plan in 6 easy steps

11.6 Getting inside the business plan. What to write and how you can make it irresistible

Module 12 - Strategic Management and Crisis Management Strategies

12.1 What is a strategy and what strategic management means

12.2 Which are the most effective methods of strategic management that you can use

12.3 Which are the best 8 crisis management strategies

12.4 When it is useful to apply the Stability Strategy

12.5 How to expand your business using the best 3 Management Strategies for Growing

12.6 How to differentiate the company through Marketing Management Strategies

12.7 How we can use the Competitive, Offensive, Pioneering and Guerrilla Strategies

12.8 How to use the benefits that “do less than the competition” strategy brings to you

management course

  • 225 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
  • 41 real-life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
  • 25 high-quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
  • 56 real cases practical applications with role-playing for easily putting into practice everything you learn
  • Feedback for every answer and option you choose on the real cases practical applications
  • Full Guidance & Support
  • Business Management Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version

online management courseHave you ever thought about what stands in your way to achieve what you’ve always wanted?

We always impose our own limits when we tell ourselves that others are better and we are not confident enough, too shy, too fat, too short, too poor or too lazy to accomplish something important.

Management means firstly to rule yourself and then to rule others. For being able to rule yourself, you have to move out of your way and start walking your path believing in yourself. We’ll teach you how to do this.

One of our collaborators, the CEO of a multinational corporation, recounted us how he got his first management position. He was 31 years old when he found out about a first-line management job vacancy within the company he was working for.

He was good at what he was doing but because he always underestimated himself and avoided to make himself noticed, he missed other similar opportunities.

Something different happened this time and his decision to apply for that position changed his life. Forced by the circumstances, he had to move out of his own way and start seeing himself in a better light. How did this happen? One of his colleagues that was less prepared and much more inexperienced than him applied for the same position.

One thing our collaborator said to himself: “If he can do it, I can do it!” and applied too. He got his first management job and from that moment he started rising in his career.

The significance of this true story? When we realize that we’re wasting our potential and we start believing in ourselves, we discover that we have great inner power and we are capable of things that we can’t even imagine at this moment.

Can I find a job easier by graduating the Management Masterclass?

By taking this business management course online, you will participate in a superior professional training program designed by highly experienced managers and you will get the practical knowledge that will definitely help you differentiate from other competitors when you will apply for a job or a promotion.

Your benefits

  • High-quality course delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.
  • Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from the industry-leading experts that you can put into practice immediately.
  • Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.
  • Real-life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.
  • Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.
  • Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish and you can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.
  • Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your course.
  • Business Management Certificate - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.
  • Accessible learning – for this business management course you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.
  • User-friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.
  • Great value for money - premium business management courses online at the most affordable price.


How to learn and get results faster

After you go through the checkout process, in a few minutes, in My Account you can click the link Go To My Courses and you’ll find your online courses, along with each course schedule.

Each module has 1 or 2 learning sessions. You get a new module every week and from that moment you have 3 weeks to participate in the Course Activities.
You are free to organize your time as you wish and your courses are available 24h/day and you can study at your own pace.

You will get feedback and points that will contribute to your Final Grade.

Here is a quick step by step video about how to learn:

Anytime you have questions, feel free to open a support ticket or a live chat. Also, you will have a tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by SMS or email when needed.

Because we want you to be happy with your results you can always attempt every online course activity at least 2 times, even the final assessment.

In the end, you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part in the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam.

After you finish your course, you can go to your account in My Certificates section and download your graduation certificate and the transcripts for free. You can also order right away, the International Certification that comes printed.

As you can see, learning with us is easy, not time-consuming and you can achieve your goals faster.

How long will it take to complete the Management Masterclass?

The course takes 12 weeks and every week we recommend you to spend 3 to 5 hours learning and participating in your course activities, any day and time that suits you best.

How will I be assessed at the Business Management Masterclass?

You can take the Management Masterclass even without being assessed. You decide how much you are willing to engage in your course. However, if you want to receive the certificate of completion, meaning the Business Management Certificate, you have to get a pass mark (minimum 5/D) as a result of your participation in the course activities.

After each module, you will participate in real case simulations and practical applications in order to apply what you’ve just learned to actual real-life situations. You will receive feedback for every solution you propose.

In the end, you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part of the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam. You don’t have to pay anything for the assessment.

Full Guidance & Support

When you enroll in this business management course with BigMainStreet, you will have a Tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by phone or email whenever it will be necessary.


  • There is no previous experience or qualifications required for enrollment in this online course. It is available to all students aged 18 or over, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Basic understanding of English language is required to attend this business management course online.
  • You’ll need a computer or tab with an internet connection.

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  • Student Reviews (4)
    I enjoyed every module
    Samoila Elena-Irina, Romania
    I enjoyed every lesson from the Management Course, because it brings new points of view and I appreciate that the courses are well-structured.
    I’m very happy I could find out more about Supervision and 360 Degree Feedback.
    What is the most important for me is the real feedback I receive after each real case simulation. The feedback and the explications are clear, concise and detailed. The course
    helped me and offered me the opportunity to develop my own mindset about management.
    I strongly believe that a real manager is the one who builds bridges across cultural differences.
    Alisa Ortega
    This was the best investment I’ve ever made in a course! I like the simple ways of achieving great result so for me, getting valuable knowledge through powerful phrases and visual infographics, meant a lot. I found very useful the tips regarding how to write a convincing business plan. The images with the lady that appears when the real life role-playing results are displayed are really funny :). They made me enjoy every moment.
    Olav Leonardsen
    In the past I was quite suspicious of enrolling to an online course but you’ve convinced me to do it and now I am really proud of my decision because I’ve found out so many helpful tips I can use in my consultancy business even if I have so many years of experience. Lovely idea to introduce the break pages to remind us of the work-life balance and actually of what is really important in our life.
    Olivia Ross
    Great course! It’s really a complete guide in management. I enjoyed this online course and I feel enriched thanks to all the insider secrets I discovered and I apply now in my small business, especially how to organize my time better using the time management golden rules. Regarding the real cases activities, although I’m kind of a slow person, the time for submitting my answers was more than enough. I really liked the captivating examples and the role-playing case studies.

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    Management Masterclass

    Management Masterclass

    Find out how you can unleash your potential and what steps you need to take in order to become a successful manager!

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