Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course


10 - 12 Weeks
3 - 5 hours per week
In English

Discover our well-designed management system that can help you finish your tasks in a shorter time and with less effort!

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Last day for enrollment: 01 September
Students until now: 1216

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    Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course

    Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course

    Discover our well-designed management system that can help you finish your tasks in a shorter time and with less effort!

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  • Discover how you can work less but still impressing your boss with remarkable results! Do you work long hours? Do you get really involved in achieving your daily tasks but still missing deadlines? The early experience of the managers with whom we’ve worked on creating this online course proved that a scarce time management and the lack of a good clarity in planning and setting goals are the main reasons why most of us get exhausted at the end of the day and sometimes without accomplishing not even 10% of what we wanted to do.

    The solution consists in a well-designed system that can help you finish your tasks in a shorter time and with less effort. We’ve called this system The Essential Skills for Assistant Managers and it’s the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced professionals from all the levels of management that shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider secrets on how you can become amazingly effective.

    Within this online course, you will also discover how to work in a team and how to easily solve conflicts. The quality of your work will increase and you’ll get yourself remarked by your boss who will be more willing to promote you or to give you a raise. As an extra bonus, we’ve added the module on how to improve your negotiation skills, precisely for helping you negotiate better your raise or your promotion.

    We all know that if we want to get different results than the ones we’ve got until now, we have to do something different. So either you want to make yourself remarked by your boss through better results, be more effective with your time, get a raise or be promoted, all of these depend only on your decision to discover the benefits that The Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course could bring you.

    What makes the difference between promising employees and the mediocre ones is the willingness of self-improvement and the ability to take action in order to rise in their career. Enroll now and take the first step for your next promotion or raise!

    You will know how to:

    • Effectively organize your time applying the 9 golden rules of time management
    • Set s.m.a.r.t. goals easily to achieve
    • Make a correct planning in order to reach your goals without obstacles or delays
    • Work as a team player and make your people work as a team
    • Achieve the best results with your team according to each phase of its evolution
    • Have the most effective team meetings and easily find brilliant ideas and solutions
    • Easily discover the real reasons why people get into conflict and fix them up right from the beginning
    • Ask the big question that helps you solve any conflict
    • Use the right negotiation style depending on each situation
    • Get prepared for each negotiation stage
    • Use the 6 most effective negotiation techniques in order to get the most out of a negotiation
      …and so much more

      Who is this Management course for?

      The Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course is for assistant managers, aspiring managers and everyone who want to rise in their career, get a raise or who simply need to organize their time better, easily set achievable goals, work as a team player, negotiate and deal with conflicts better. No prior knowledge is necessary.

      Can I find a job easier by graduating the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course?

      By taking this management course, you will participate in a superior professional training program designed by highly experienced managers and you will get the practical knowledge that will definitely help you differentiate from other competitors when you will apply for a job or a promotion.

      Career Path - The Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course allows you to fulfill various roles:

      • Assistant Manager
      • Receptionist
      • Office Clerk
      • Secretary
      • Administration Assistant
      • Personal Assistant
      • Executive Personal Assistant
      • Team Leader
      • Operations Assistant
      • Team Assistant
      • Office Assistant
      • Marketing Assistant

    Management Skills Course - What You Get from this Course

    • 105 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
    • 13 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
    • 11 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
    • 27 real cases practical applications that help you quickly apply everything you learn
    • Feedback for every solution you choose on the real cases practical applications
    • Full Guidance & Support
    • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version

      How long will it take to complete the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course?

      The course takes 12 weeks and every week we recommend you to spend 3 to 5 hours learning and participating in your course activities, any day and time that suits you best.

      How will I be assessed at the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course?

      You can take the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course even without being assessed. You decide how much you are willing to engage in your course. However, if you want to receive the certificate of completion, you have to get a pass mark (minimum 5/D) as a result of your participation in the course activities.

      After each module, you will participate in real case simulations and practical applications in order to apply what you’ve just learned to actual real life situations. You will receive feedback for every solution you propose.

      At the end, you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part of the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam. You don’t have to pay anything for the assessment.

      Full Guidance & Support

      When you enroll in the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course with BigMainStreet, you will have a Tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by phone or email whenever it will be necessary.


    • There is no previous experience or qualifications required for enrollment in this management course. It is available to all students aged 18 or over, of all academic backgrounds.
    • Basic understanding of English language is required to attend the Essential Skills for Assistant Managers Course.
    • You will need a computer, a tablet or a high resolution smartphone with an internet connection.

    Your benefits

    • High quality course delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.
    • Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from experienced managers that you can put into practice immediately.
    • Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.
    • Real life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.
    • Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.
    • Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish and you can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
    • Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.
    • Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your course.
    • Certification - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.
    • Accessible learning – for this management course you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.
    • User friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.
    • Great value for money - premium management course at the most affordable price.

    Management & Leadership Research Team - London School of Business and Communication
    This course is the result of over 10 years of research made by our Management & Leadership Research Team working closely with companies for providing the most significant practical knowledge that companies really require and need from their employees.

    By enrolling to this course you can collect up to 6 loyalty points. Your cart will total 6 points that can be converted into a voucher of $6.00.

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    I loved the real life role-playing cases because I wasn’t stressed at all! Who likes to be assessed? I personally dislike it and find it very stressful. Participating in these real case studies was though a very pleasant activity for me given that I had the chance to participate twice. The big question that helps solving any conflict is really revealing and effective in solving conflicts much easier.
    It’s really impressive how you’ve succeeded in translating important insider secrets into common language easily to understand by everyone. I am aware that in a short while I achieved valuable knowledge that otherwise I could achieve in years of work and this will help me rise faster in my career. Most of us are visual persons, including me :), so getting practical information, tips and techniques through visual infographics, helped me remember them much easier.
    Thanks to the clarifying feedback that goes with the right solution at each practical activity, I internalized much easier the information I got from this course. I found very useful the part with how to set smart goals in order to really achieve them. I applied what I found in this management course and now when I set a goal I am 100% sure that I can achieve it. A Big thank you, BigMainStreet! I will recommend this online course also to my work colleagues.

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