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Discover how you can easily choose the best market where you can sell more through a proper research and segmentation. The decades-long experience of the marketing professionals with whom we’ve closely worked on this online course confirmed the following big truth: Instead of selling what you’ve produced, you’d better produce what you can sell.

The market research can help us understand which products and services are in demand and find important details about our customers and competitors. The market segmentation helps us choose the market segment on which we want to concentrate our marketing campaigns in order to maximize our sales.

In this online course you find out how you can precisely use the market research tools and easily apply the market segmentation. We’ve gathered only verified knowledge based on years of valuable experience in marketing and we share it with you.

The Market Research And Segmentation Course is the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced marketing professionals and successful business owners. They shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider secrets. The result is now within your reach with a clear and concise content, relevant examples and captivating real case studies.

In this online course you also find out what strategies to adopt in order to differentiate yourself from competition and ensure the growth of your business. You can take the most inspired marketing decisions using the SWOT matrix and you discover the truth about the consumer behavior and how you can use it to increase your sales.

What separates the successful individuals from the rest of the people is their ability to recognize an opportunity and decide quickly to grasp it. Enroll now and take full advantage of the Market Research And Segmentation Course that helps you discover in less than 12 weeks what you could struggle to find on your own maybe in 20 years of working in marketing.

You will know how to:

  • Conduct an effective marketing research
  • Easily apply the market segmentation and choose the target group
  • Effectively use the SWOT matrix for taking the best business decisions
  • Easily differentiate yourself from the competition using the unique selling offer and the guarantees
  • Successfully develop your business using the best growth strategies: concentration, vertical integration and diversification
  • Take your company to the top using the competitive strategies
  • Take advantage of the “Do less than the competition” strategy
  • Use in your benefit the specificity of the demand for your products or services
  • Determine with less effort the consumers buy from you
  • Make your customers loyal knowing the 4 main types of consumer behavior
    …and so much more

Who is this Marketing course for?

The Market Research And Segmentation Course is for anyone who wants to start a career in Marketing, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals who want to refine their skills, anyone who runs a business, either as an owner or a manager or anyone who would like to benefit from the advantages that the marketing knowledge could bring to their work. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Can I find a job easier by graduating the Market Research And Segmentation Course?

By signing up for this marketing course, you will take part in an advanced training program made by industry leading experts and you will achieve the marketing expertise that will definitely help you differentiate from other competitors when you will apply for a job or a higher position.

Career Path - The Market Research And Segmentation Course allows you to fulfill various roles:

  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Executive
  • Advertising Assistant
  • Advertising Manager
  • Social Media Executive
  • Account Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Manager

marketing course

  • 79 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
  • 27 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
  • 8 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
  • 17 real cases practical applications that help you quickly apply everything you learn
  • Feedback for every solution you choose on the real cases practical applications
  • Full Guidance & Support
  • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version

How long will it take to complete the Market Research And Segmentation Course?

The course takes 12 weeks and every week we recommend you to spend 3 to 5 hours learning and participating in your course activities, any day and time that suits you best.

How will I be assessed at the Market Research And Segmentation Course?

You can take the Market Research And Segmentation Course even without being assessed. You decide how much you are willing to engage in your course. However, if you want to receive the certificate of completion, you have to get a pass mark (minimum 5/D) as a result of your participation in the course activities.

After each module, you will participate in real case simulations and practical applications in order to apply what you’ve just learned to actual real life situations. You will receive feedback for every solution you propose.

At the end, you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part of the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam. The assessment is included in the course price.

Full Guidance & Support

When you enroll in the Market Research And Segmentation Course with BigMainStreet, you will have a Tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by phone or email whenever it will be necessary.


  • There is no previous experience or qualifications required for enrollment in this marketing course. It is available to all students aged 18 or over, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Basic understanding of English language is required to attend the Market Research And Segmentation Course.
  • You’ll need a computer or tab with an internet connection.

Your benefits

  • High quality course delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.
  • Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from marketing leading experts that you can put into practice immediately.
  • Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.
  • Real life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.
  • Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.
  • Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish and you can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.
  • Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your course.
  • Certification - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.
  • Accessible learning – for this marketing course you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.
  • User friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.
  • Great value for money - premium marketing course at the most affordable price.


Module 1 - What You Need to Know About the Marketing Activities Inside the Company

1.1 What is Marketing and how it can help us develop our business

1.2 Why Marketing is not Sales

1.3 What are the most important activities in the marketing department

1.4 Marketing Mix. Goodbye 4P and welcome 5P!

1.5 How to understand better the people-oriented marketing approach using the 7C of marketing

Module 2 - Marketing Research and Market Segmentation

2.1 What is marketing research and how we can use it in real life

2.2 The 2 types of marketing research and how we can achieve them

2.3 The 9 essential steps to implement a successful marketing research

2.4 What are the hot topics of the marketing research

2.5 The basic rules of designing the questionnaire as a tool of marketing research

2.6 The most relevant methods of marketing research with results in practice

2.7 How to identify the market types in order to know which one is right for you

2.8 What we consider when we apply market segmentation

2.9 The 6 essential criteria for choosing the target group

Module 3 - The Essentials of the SWOT Analysis

3.1 What is the SWOT matrix and what it contains

3.2 The internal environment with Strengths and Weaknesses

3.3 The external environment with Opportunities and Threats

3.4 SWOT Case Study of a marketing software launching

3.5 How to understand the SWOT matrix in order to make the best decisions

3.6 How the external environment is influencing our marketing

Module 4 - Competition. How to Grow Making Less than the Competition

4.1 Who are our competitors and what we should know about them

4.2 How we can easily differentiate ourselves from the competition

4.3 How to successfully develop your business using the best growth strategies

4.4 Take your company to the top using wisely the competitive strategies

4.5 Do less than the competition – A different kind of strategy

Module 5 - How to Make the Customers Buy More Knowing the Consumer Behavior

5.1 What is the supply and what is important to keep in mind when we conceive it

5.2 What is the demand and how it is structured in the market

5.3 How we can understand the way we are influenced by supply and demand

5.4 What is the elasticity of demand and why should we care about it

5.5 What happens when there is a balance between the supply and demand

5.6 The rigid supply with constant costs and the supply curve with

5.7 How to understand the consumer and strike their cord knowing their behavior

5.8 What is important to know about the consumer behavior in order to make them buy from us

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  • Student Reviews (3)
    Patricia Lockwood
    The content clarity is really impressive! Thanks to that I assimilated the knowledge very quickly. What I’ve found out in the marketing research module helped me a lot at my job. I’m an emotive person so I easily stress out of nothing but the fact that I could participate twice in my practical activities was a relief for me and I could concentrate better and give the right solutions to the real case studies.
    Frits Klausen
    Lovely experience! It was an enjoyable online course that made me feel enriched thanks to all the insider secrets that I discovered and I applied in my business. The growth strategies are presented very clear and well structured helping me to understand them and put them into practice easier. I loved the break images. Pleasantly surprised me at first and enjoyed each of them till the last one. Already enrolled to my second course for online marketing.
    Mikaela Claesson
    Easy way of finding practical methods to apply in my business right away. At first sight the information seemed a little bit condensed but I really loved the powerful phrases and the “Important to put into practice” recommendations. Later, when I applied what I had discovered in this marketing course, I realized how powerful those words were and how great impact they had on my subconscious. The results are amazing!

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    Market Research And Segmentation Course

    Market Research And Segmentation Course

    Discover how you can easily choose the best market where you can sell more through a proper research and segmentation!

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