Banking Essentials Course


10 - 12 Weeks
3 - 5 hours per week
In English

Find out how to focus on what really matters when dealing with banks in order to spend less on fees and interests!

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Last day for enrollment: 01 September
Students until now: 751

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    Banking Essentials Course

    Banking Essentials Course

    Find out how to focus on what really matters when dealing with banks in order to spend less on fees and interests!

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  • We know that many of us can’t afford to buy a car, a house or going on an expensive vacation using only our own money. This is the reason why the banks exist. So either we get a loan or a credit card for buying what we want or simply make a payment, we have at hand the banking products. The valuable experience of the banking and finance professionals with whom we’ve closely worked on this banking course proved that we often spend a lot of money on fees and interests because we either don’t choose the right product or we use that product in a disadvantageous way.

    We’ve created the Banking Essentials Course because we wanted to stop losing money on costly banking products that didn’t actually suit our needs. That’s why we’ve gathered hundreds of useful tips about how to do that based on years of experience in banking and finance and we share it with you through this online course.

    The Banking Essentials Course is the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced professionals from banking, finance and financial counseling. They shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider secrets. The result is now within your reach with a clear and concise content, relevant examples and captivating real case studies.

    One of our collaborators, one of the most experienced financial advisor, told us once: “It’s really unbelievable how much money people lose when they get a loan, use a credit card or make a wire transfer, just because they don’t pay the proper attention to those things that could help them saving that money.

    Enrolling in this online course, you will find out what you have to focus on in order to choose the right banking products with fewer costs.

    Do you know what separates the people who win money from those who lose money? It’s the ability to focus on what really matters when dealing with banks. Enroll now and discover how you can start winning money instead of losing them!

    You will know how to:

    • Get a loan also when your revenues are not enough
    • Understand what underlies the bank’s decision of lending money
    • Precisely determine the bonus interest for the money you have in your checking account
    • Choose the right term deposit knowing what interest capitalization and automatic renewal imply
    • Easily calculate the bonus interest for your term deposits
    • Use the certificates of deposit and the hybrid saving products
    • Use bank cards for minimizing risks and costs
    • Deal with situations when you lose your card or it is stolen from you
    • Effectively use the internet banking and the mobile banking to cut the costs
    • Choose the amortization schedule that suits you best
    • Understand better what is an installment made of and what are the other costs of the loans besides the interest
    • Use credit cards in order to pay a lower interest
      …and so much more

      Who is this Banking course for?

      This online course is for any individual who has a bank account, uses checks, makes wire transfers, pays with credit cards, uses mobile banking and internet banking. Any individual who needs a personal loan, a home loan or a lease. Anyone who wants to start a career in banking.

      This banking course will help you easily understand how all of these work and make them work in your favor with fewer costs and bigger benefits. No prior knowledge is necessaryStart improving your personal finances! Start with the bank!

      Can I find a job easier by graduating the Banking Essentials Course?

      By signing up for this banking course, you will engage in a superior training program devised by banking specialists and you will acquire the banking expertise that will definitely help you differentiate from other candidates when you will apply for a job or a promotion.

      Career Path - The Banking Essentials Course allows you to fulfill various roles, including:

      • Personal Banker
      • Branch Coordinator
      • Teller Supervisor
      • Operations Supervisor
      • Card Operations Officer
      • Credit Analyst
      • Loan Officer
      • Branch Manager
      • Teller
      • Operations Officer
      • Loan Manager
      • Portfolio Manager

      Banking Essentials Course

      • 134 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
      • 22 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
      • 10 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
      • 31 real cases practical applications that help you easily apply everything you learn
      • Feedback for every solution you choose on the real cases practical applications
      • Full Guidance & Support
      • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version

        How long will it take to complete the Banking Essentials Course?

        The course takes 12 weeks and every week we recommend you to spend 3 to 5 hours learning and participating in your course activities, any day and time that suits you best.

        How will I be assessed at the Banking Essentials Course?

        You can take this online course even without being assessed. You decide how much you are willing to engage in your course. However, if you want to receive the certificate of completion, you have to get a pass mark (minimum 5/D) as a result of your participation in the course activities.

        After each module, you will participate in real case simulations and practical applications in order to apply what you’ve just learned to actual real life situations. You will receive feedback for every solution you propose.

        At the end, you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part of the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam. You don’t have to pay anything for the assessment.

        Full Guidance & Support

        When you enroll in the Banking Essentials Course with BigMainStreet, you will have a Tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by phone or email whenever it will be necessary.


      • There is no previous experience or qualifications required for enrollment on this banking course. It is available to all students aged 18 or over, of all academic backgrounds.
      • Basic understanding of English language is required to attend the Banking Essentials Course.
      • You’ll need a computer or tab with an internet connection.

      Your benefits

      • High quality course delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.
      • Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from experienced professionals that you can put into practice immediately.
      • Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.
      • Real life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.
      • Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.
      • Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish and you can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
      • Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.
      • Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your course.
      • Certification - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.
      • Accessible learning – for this banking course you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.
      • User friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.
      • Great value for money - premium banking course at the most affordable price.

    International Business Operations Research Team - London School of Business and Communication
    This course is the result of over 10 years of research made by our International Business Operations Team working closely with companies for providing the most significant practical knowledge that companies really require and need from their employees.

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    I refinanced my mortgage and now I save almost $250 a month! Based on what I’ve found out from this online course, I started to analyze better the costs with my mortgage and I looked for cheaper alternatives. Finally I’ve chosen the most advantageous one. I refinanced and at the new bank I pay less interest and lower fees. It’s quite amazing how simple it was to save such a big amount of money just by knowing the insiders secrets from this banking course!
    I’m more carefully with how I use my credit card. Thanks to the valuable tips on how to pay less interest using the credit card, I saved around $100 last month. Enrolling to this online course was a very smart decision and I am glad I took it. Thank you very much for this amazing course and also for your assistance because for every question I had I received a kind and helpful answer from the customer service. Thank you!
    In the past I was quite suspicious of enrolling to an online course but now I am really proud of my decision to enroll to Banking Essentials. This course changed my perspective on online learning. It was a thrilling experience. I appreciated the quality of the feedback at each practical application, being a comprehensive and illuminating one. I’ve found out so many helpful tips I can use at work and also in my private life.

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