About us

We always believed that learning should be captivating, enjoyable and based on the real life challenges. But, as we all know, it often happens that the knowledge people get during their academic studies not to be entirely adapted to the real life situations they have to deal with.

We know that the usefulness of learning consists in its practical applicability.  After more than 12 years of business education on the European market, we rethought the learning model and transformed it into an engaging and interactive reality-based experience.

Organized now as an international consortium with headquarters in Europe and the central office in London, we created BigMainStreet.com Courses - the result of working closely with experienced professionals in Management, Communication, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Psychology, Finance and Public Relations in order to offer experiential business online courses based on real life practical applications.

We transformed specialized knowledge into an accessible language anyone can understand. In this way decades-long knowledge and valuable insider secrets are now within your reach through the clear and concise content, relevant examples and captivating real cases simulations

We are working with a lot of companies and we know what skills and knowledge they need from their employees and schools don't provide. This is the reason why we focused more on the practical knowledge that can really help people achieve better results in their businesses, jobs or personal relationships. We found a better way to share the practical knowledge with you through our online learning system that you can easily access at any hour and from anywhere you are.

Our approach and what differentiate us from other online learning providers: We don’t give you a course and leave you on your own with the so called “lifetime access”, meaning you can attend and complete it someday in this "lifetime". We know that you want to achieve your goals faster not just someday in a lifetime.

These days our attention span is almost at its lowest level with all the stimulation from digital devices, social media and mobile access, that reshaped our world.

Just providing some videos with someone that just talks about something that eventually you will forget until the end of the day can’t be called learning and it’s just not working anymore.

In this world full of distractions, learning should be exciting and enjoyable.

This is the reason why we transformed online learning in such an enjoyable experience based only on practical knowledge and we stand by your side all the way, from the moment you enroll until you complete your courses. We offer you a well-organized system with a relaxed schedule that can help you study at your own pace.

This way you can achieve the knowledge you are looking for and put it into practice right away to get the results you've always wanted.


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