Advanced Communication Skills




10 - 12 Weeks
3 - 5 hours per week
In English

Take full advantage of the most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral communication techniques!

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    Advanced Communication Skills

    Advanced Communication Skills

    Take full advantage of the most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral communication techniques!

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  • See how easily you can make people excited about what you say without even speaking loudly. Have we caught your attention? The vast experience of the communication experts with whom we’ve worked on this advanced communication course proved that using all the three communication patterns when delivering a message increases its receptivity. In the message above we used all the three communication patterns: Visual (“See”), Kinesthetic (“excited”) and Auditory (“loudly)”. This is the reason why we asked you if we caught your attention.

    If you know how to identify the dominant communication pattern of your interlocutors and use it when you talk to them, you can easily get their attention making them interested in what you say. And guess what? It is also much easier for you to make them agree with you because also your power of persuasion increases.

    Let’s say that you have to sell a beach house. What words do you use and on what do you focus when you present the house to a potential customer that you’ve figured out he’s a Visual? You’ll find the answer to this question and many other revealing answers enrolling to this online course. The Advanced Communication Skills Course is the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced public speakers, NLP specialists, psychologists and lawyers. They shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider communication secrets. The result is now within your reach with clear and concise content, relevant examples, certified techniques and captivating real case studies.

    Within this online course you will also discover revealing ways of easily convincing others of doing exactly what you want just by telling them the right words. You will find out how to get rid of the fear of speaking in public and be more confident.

    You will discover the little known ways of making others looking for your company and sharing their secrets. What a pleasant feeling to be treated by others with kindness and warmth. Do you want to know how you can achieve that? Enroll now and take full advantage of the reliable knowledge achieved by the experienced top communicators throughout their decades-long careers.

    You will know how to:

    • Speak your customers’ language by using the 3 communication patterns
    • Use the Rapport in order to easily approach your clients
    • Improve your persuasion skills using 8 techniques of hypnotic and meta language
    • Communicate better with others using the different approaches depending on the 3 roles from Transactional Analysis
    • Get on the same wavelength with others using the 5 motivational drivers
    • Use with diplomacy the right words in the most difficult and delicate situations
    • Use the Socratic questions for getting valuable information from your customers
    • Get rid of the infested words and replace them in order to awaken the interest, enthusiasm and good will of your interlocutors
    • Turn the ordinary answers to greetings into memorable replies
    • Apply 6 valuable tips that can help you increase your prestige through an image that inspires trust
    • Defuse any quarrel or tense situation using only a few words but the most effective ones
    • Use the 9 most effective negotiation techniques in order to get the most out of a negotiation
      …and so much more

    Who is this Communication course for?

    This online course is for the professionals from all industries and especially if you work in management, sales, marketing, PR, communication, psychology, education or if you are a lawyer. Get now to the next level of communication that only a few people have heard of!    

    Advanced Communication Skills Course

    • 117 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
    • 19 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
    • 9 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
    • 19 real cases practical applications with role playing for easily putting into practice everything you learn
    • Feedback for every answer and option you choose on the real cases practical applications
    • Human Feedback during the course and to your final project
    • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version
    Business Communication Research Team - London School of Business and Communication
    This course is the result of over 10 years of research made by our Business Communication Research Team working closely with companies for providing the most significant practical knowledge that companies really require and need from their employees.

    By enrolling to this course you can collect up to 8 loyalty points. Your cart will total 8 points that can be converted into a voucher of $8.00.

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    Mingyu Yuen
    I’ve never heard before about the transactional analysis and first it seemed a little bit complex but then I’ve discovered that things are quite clear and really interesting. I also loved the part regarding the infested words and how we can get rid of them. It’s really effective and now I don’t use so often the “must” word, especially when I talk to my kids. It was a very instructive experience and I look forward enrolling to the next BigMainStreet course.
    Nathaniel Harden
    High-end communication course with valuable knowledge revealed in a simple language easy to understand and to apply. For me it really felt like getting to advanced because I figured out that actually I didn’t know as much as I supposed and this online course helped me a lot in consolidating my specific knowledge and to add new skills. It was a lovely experience and I enjoyed it from the first module till the last one.
    David Royle
    Great online course! I’ve discovered the advanced techniques of being more persuasive and I started applying part of them on a daily basis. You know what? They are much easy to apply that I ever thought! I am more confident know when I talk to my customers and my work colleagues. It’s awesome how some simple words can have such an impact on somebody. Thank you for the clarifying answers that I got from your customer assistants every time I had something to ask.

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    Advanced Communication Skills

    Advanced Communication Skills

    Take full advantage of the most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral communication techniques!

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