Psychology of Advanced Communication Course


10 - 12 Weeks
3 - 5 hours per week
In English

Discover the most advanced communication techniques and the NLP, Transactional Analysis and psychology insiders’ secrets!

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Last day for enrollment: 01 Octomber
Students until now: 850

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    Psychology of Advanced Communication Course

    Psychology of Advanced Communication Course

    Discover the most advanced communication techniques and the NLP, Transactional Analysis and psychology insiders’ secrets!

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  • Would you like to find the right words when you have something important to communicate?

    Would you like to convince others to agree with you no matter what you tell them?

    Would you like to know what others think even when they don’t say a word?

    Would you like to find out how you can easily do that?

    This is only one of the 8 powerful persuasion techniques that you’ll discover enrolling to the Psychology of Advanced Communication Course. We’ve gathered only certified knowledge and endorsed techniques based on years of valuable experience in communication and we share it with you through this online course.

    The Psychology of Advanced Communication Course is the result of more than 10 years of working closely with experienced communication experts, NLP and Transactional Analysis specialists and psychologists. They shared their knowledge and revealed valuable insider secrets on how we can become more persuasive when we communicate with others. The result is now within your reach with a clear and concise content, relevant examples and captivating real case studies.

    In this online course you can also discover how to easily approach others and make them treat you with kindness and warmth. More than that, you find out how to identify the dominant communication pattern of your interlocutors and use it when you talk to them, for easily getting their attention and making them interested in what you tell them.

    Let’s say that you have to sell a beach house. What words do you use and on what do you focus when you present the house to a potential customer that you’ve figured out he’s a Kinesthetic? You’ll find the answer to this question and many other revealing answers enrolling to the Psychology of Advanced Communication Course.

    The skillful communicators differentiate from the great mass of ordinary people through their willingness of continuously improving their communication skills approaching different ways of doing that. You don’t have to be a psychologist for mastering the psychology of advanced communication! Enroll now and discover the benefits of “hypnotizing” others with your mind-blowing communication skills.

    You will know how to:

    • Improve your persuasion skills using 8 techniques of hypnotic and meta language
    • Communicate better with others using the different approaches depending on the 3 roles from Transactional Analysis
    • Get on the same wavelength with others using the 5 motivational drivers
    • Use the Socratic Questions for getting valuable information from your customers
    • Get rid of the infested words and replace them in order to awaken the interest, enthusiasm and good will of your interlocutors
    • Easily decode your business partners’ body language and understand what they think even when they don’t speak
    • Identify the 7 essential emotions by a quick look on someone’s face
    • Become more convincing exercising the winner’s posture
    • Speak your customers’ language by using the 3 communication patterns
    • Use the Rapport in order to easily approach your clients
    • Turn the ordinary answers to greetings into memorable replies
      …and so much more

    Who is this Communication course for?

    This Advanced Communication Course is for all the business owners, managers, teachers, sales professionals, lawyers, psychologists, PR and communication professionals willing to improve their persuasion skills using high-level communication techniques.    

    Psychology of Communication Course

    • 114 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
    • 15 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
    • 5 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
    • 18 real cases practical applications with role playing for easily putting into practice everything you learn
    • Feedback for every answer and option you choose on the real cases practical applications
    • Human Feedback during the course and to your final project
    • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version
    Business Communication Research Team - London School of Business and Communication
    This course is the result of over 10 years of research made by our Business Communication Research Team working closely with companies for providing the most significant practical knowledge that companies really require and need from their employees.

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    Vickie Bradford
    A friend told me about this platform and I found the course syllabus very appealing. I enrolled and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are many other interesting topics that are not presented directly in the syllabus. The exquisite infographics captured my attention and helped me internalize much easier the techniques that I started to use with my customers. I really liked also your learning system that is stress-free.
    Loretta Norton
    The persuasion techniques are awesome! I used reading thoughts for being more persuasive with my customers and it really works! It’s remarkable how you’ve succeeded to present such thorough knowledge in a simple and clear language very easy to understand by everyone, including me :). I will apply all the useful tips that I’ve discovered this online course. Guys, you rock! I will let my friends know about what a lovely experience I had with you!
    Jang-mi Park
    I was surprised to find such valuable knowledge in an online course. My previous experience with other e-learning providers was not such satisfying as this one. You’ve given a superior meaning to the online learning thanks to the excellent content and great practical examples. I am a visual person so for me it was an exciting experience because I assimilate better the information when it is associated with suggestive pictures. Congratulations!

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    Psychology of Advanced Communication Course

    Psychology of Advanced Communication Course

    Discover the most advanced communication techniques and the NLP, Transactional Analysis and psychology insiders’ secrets!

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